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Click for Full view: Gearing 1945 Hull

(Click on ship for larger image)

1945 Gearing Class DD

Complement-typical: 274 (14 officers, 260 enlisted) Complement-wartime, pre-FRAM: 345 (20 officers, 325 enlisted)

Tons Displacement (pre-FRAM): design-3,160 standard-2,425 full load-3,479 Dimensions: 390 ft. 6 in. X 40 ft. 10 in.

Mean Draft: 14 ft. 4 in. Fuel capacity: 196,000 gallons Range: 5,800 miles at 15 knots.

Propulsion: Four Babcock and Wilcox 615 psi 850 deg.F superheated express type boilers supplying two sets of high pressure, low pressure and cruising turbines generating a total of 60,000 s.h.p. to two shafts each with a 12.5 foot four bladed propeller. Shaft rpm: 350 Speed at standard displacement: 34.5 knots.

 Weapons 1945 to 1952: - three 5 inch 38 caliber twin gun mounts - five 40 millimeter gun mounts - ten 21 inch quintupled torpedo tubes.  1952 -1962: Removed all five 40 mm mounts and replaced with 3" 50 Caliber guns.

(Click on ship for larger image)

1963 Gearing DD FRAM Mark I

Weapons after Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization: Two 5 inch 38 caliber twin gun mounts guided by a Mk37 director with Mk25 fire control radar linked by a Mk1a electromechanical analog computer stabilized by a Mk6 8,500 rpm gyro. - two triple tubes of 12.75 in. Mk 32 torpedoes - antisubmarine rocket launcher (ASROC), four double celled boxes housing 8 rocket-thrown torpedoes or nuclear depth charges and two drone antisubmarine helicopters (DASH) able to deliver two torpedoes up to 30 miles from the ship.

Radar, Electronics, Sonar after FRAM I: - SPS 10 surface search radar - SPS 40 air search radar - SQS 23 long range sonar