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Navy Recruiting Posters/Ads

Be sure to visit our


         (yes, all are new) From the Naval Historical Foundation; last one is titled: GQ!!  Third one was preliminary artwork before going on a poster.

LooseLips.jpg (27995 bytes) WWII Poster, courtesy of Shipmate Jerry Franks GMA2, 1972 

waves.jpg (73413 bytes) Post WWII Navy Recruiting Poster 

SubSpotted.jpg (17506 bytes) US and UK Navy sunk most of the Nazi U-boats in WWII.  Nazis lost about 80% of their sub fleet.

wpe9.gif (200789 bytes) ManTheGunsPoster.jpg (90968 bytes) WWII_JoinNavy_A.jpg (38849 bytes)

Great posters from WWII

This Navy recruiting ad predates even the birth of 1st Lt Fox by eight years, but as you can see, they have always been pretty liberal with the flowery language to entice us potential recruits to sign on the dotted line: take notice of the second and third bulleted lines. (Photo courtesy P. Wieloszynski)

wpeB.gif (131617 bytes)

Another Navy Recruiting poster, 1907, Popular Mechanics (courtesy P. Wieloszynski)

NavyAd1910aW.jpg (116643 bytes)

Another ad, same source as above.

post_navy_1917.jpg (44806 bytes)  post_navy_gee-i-wish-3_ww2_christy.jpg (43013 bytes)

Still looks appealing after all these years.....