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Photo of the week....or when we feel like it...

Yeah, click on the little pictures...

(is open)

See other, almost as important ship photos by clicking here

 Click on movie camera icon to download video of Fox in in somewhat choppy seas in the Mediterranean in 1953 from Govt Archives, found by shipmate James Taylor SH3 1970 - 1973; Fox is 1:28 minutes into film.   Or you can view the video here:


Description given with film: Aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Atlantic Ocean during Operation Long Step. Heavy cruiser USS Des Moines CA-134 sends a blinker-light signal to USS FDR. Aircraft being spotted aft. USS Des Moines underway through rough seas southwest of Sardinia. Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Leyte's helicopter returns to the ship. USS Des Moines underway. Airplanes on flight deck of FDR in the foreground. A quartermaster sends USS Leyte a flashing-light signal. The quartermaster sends a message to heavy cruiser USS Columbus. USS Columbus answering USS FDR's message. Flight deck crew takes a break during Operation Long Step. Gearing-class destroyer USS Myles C. Fox, DD-829, airplane guard for USS Roosevelt, takes heavy seas over her bow during rough weather south of Malta. Two guardians stand by on station. USS Myles C. Fox in the background. Silhouette: USS FDR's helicopter US Navy HUP being tied down to the flight deck. Sea and spray falling over the flight deck of USS FDR as it is underway south of the island of Malta. Views of aircraft on the flight deck.US Government Archive number for this historic video is: 428 NPC 3236 ONS

Excellent digital copy of Fox in San Diego, CA, 1946

Transfer of Fox crewman to Seaplane Tender USS Currituck AV7 circa 1951 for emergency appendix surgery. See Mort Hartman's submitted photo of same event HERE. Is on third line of photos marked with "new" arrow.  Also, which crewman was transferred?

   Peter F. "Poon" Olsen's Liberty card from 1953

Shipmate Ted Naugle's photos from around 1963.

  Shipmate Ron Plante has the right idea on his golf cart where he does camping on the weekends.

  This cool logo sent in by shipmate Michael Cohoon BT3, 1973 - 1979

Navy "Bell" system of telling time explained.  Courtesy of shipmate GMG3 George Benefield 1971 - 1973.  (When done over the 1MC, this system was annoying)

Current Fox Shipmate location by State; for those with postal addresses

" Original Great Lakes Recruit Training mug from Webmaster's collection. (I know you wish you owned this......)

Plaque commemorating C.O. Wyatt Harper CDR, 8/1/60 - 3/23/62.  Building is at Ballantyne Corporate Park, Charlotte, NC, courtesy of shipmate Mike Carpenter BM3 1970 - 1972

Thought I'd show how big a DD was compared to a battlewagon...

Travels of DD-829 from Feb 69 - Aug 72, one of it's most active periods.

CLICK HERE: Naval History Magazine article about the Do Son Peninsula bombardment and harbor mining operation in Viet Nam in 1972 and Fox's supporting role. You must have Adobe Reader to view. Go to http://adobe.com to get reader.

ManTheGunsPoster.jpg (90968 bytes) See many more Navy Recruiting posters on the Navy Ad page.

ScreenSaver.scr This file is 16 images of the Fox in screensaver format that you can use on your PC, for, duh!, a screensaver.  Left click (unless your mouse is set backwards) and, depending on the internet browser that you have, a dialog box will show up asking what you want do with the file.  Your call.

See ASROC launching video here; launch gear & launching identical to that on Fox 1963 - 1979.  From Greek Navy web site.

ww2_161_a.jpg (115378 bytes) Quad 40mm gun in action from unidentified ship in WWII; Fox had these guns through '50's.

Combat Gun-shoot Recordings: These mp3 audio files of the ship communicating with a spotter, firing the 5" guns during Naval Gun Fire Support mission are from Fox's 1966-1967 'round the World/Viet Nam Cruise, by shipmate Ron Plante:

 NGFS #1       NGFS #2       NGFS #3  

FoxStationaryLogo.jpg (35110 bytes) Logo at the top of Ship's letterhead sold in ship's store from 1949 - 1963. Hi-Res copy for anyone who wants really nice originals.  This copy from RM3 Don Nettleman, but have another from GM3 Mort Hartman.

Hatuey1954.jpg (47569 bytes) As often as stories of imbibing mass quantities of this Cuban concoction have been told, Navy should have named a Destroyer Division: DESDIV HATUEY.  Beer label courtesy Don Nettleman ET2. See the 1952 - 1954  Photo Collection by clicking here.

 DressWhitesLiberty.jpg (29264 bytes) Click on photo of Liberty Hound James Rash in Naples to see Ronald Plante's 1965 - 1967 Photo Collection.

See Photo Collection from the late shipmate Charles Robert Johnson, FT3 from 1946 by clicking on the photo.

 Nope, can't click on that one.  Go to a great 1950 - 1954 Photo Collection from Mort Hartman by clicking here. 

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