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What's New?

8/2/07 FINALLY got new server located & new authoring software mastered and will have some pretty good updates in the next few days and weeks to come.  Thanks for your patience.
5/9/04 So much stuff, you wouldn't believe it: Re-org'd Members page so that it shows photo pages but hyperlinked to lists of shipmates now totaling over 2,400.  Plenty of extra pictures and upgraded Memorabilia pages and Ship Pic and Fox Doc and Photo of Week pages.  Look around.  Now largest Single-ship web site in World!
11/30/03 Added Ralph Bixler Page, added items and re-org to Memorabilia Pages to speed download.  Also added a Web Stats page accessible only to shipmates. Updated & re-org Fox Documents page, added (2) new "Welcome" brochures for Visitors  from 1965-1967. Updated Ship Pics pages and made into two pages.
11/26/03 Added Mort Hartman collection of photos from 1950 -1954 (about 150) with some great ship, people, equipment and country photos.  Links from Photo of week and Members page
11/23/03 New Harold Alexander page: pics from 1945-46 updated Photo of Week page; updated Ship Photo Page; Updated Fox Documents Page.
10/5-10/16 Updated photo of week, ship's store, etc.
10/4/03 Updated most pages on site: 2003 Reunion, Ship Photos, Memorabilia, Photo of Week & Ship's Store.  Complete update of Known Shipmates found through Members/Photo page.
6/1/03 Added 1974 Fox Postal Cover to 'Postal Cover' page.
5/22/03 Updated members page to include Hilman Bowden; added POD's, etc. to Fox Dox page; added Fox Azores pic to Photo of Week.
5/13/03 Update Members page to include Herb Whitman and Larry Nash w/photo pages. 
5/12/03 Updated "known Shipmates" to include over 2,275 men; added Peter Cullen and Frank Wotring to 'Members' page; updated Gene Reviea's group photo on bow to Pic of Week page.
4/13/03 Updated "Known Shipmates" (1,189) linked from Members Page, added Bob Milewski photo page, updated Memorabilia page, updated new members.
3/22/03 Made Members page in years of service sequential order and color coded membership status; new Paul K Williams STG2 page, update Ray Whitley page.
3/1/03 Big update to Jack O'Reilly (1945) page, update Memorabilia and Fox Dox page.
2/19/03 New ship photo in Ship Pics page, Phil Catarella added to members page.
2/15/03 Added Postal Covers page, added Jack O'Reilly photo page, updated memorabilia page.
2/8/02 Update Photo of week, Ray Whitley page, Ship photo page, memorabilia page.  Added Weapon's System page.
2/5/03 Updated Ray Whitley photo page, memorabilia page, new patches and lighters.
2/4/03 Updated Memorabilia page with Kos Kosmetatoes Geneva Convention, Liberty and Mail Orderly Cards.
1/31/03 Update to Members Page, updated photos of 1942 Tulagi battle.
1/14/03 Jerry Skorupa photo page added: pics of ship's reduction gear being removed.  Rich Phibbs page added: pic at GITMO EM club.  Both linked from "MEMBERS" page.
1/10 Updated "photo of week"; need help with I.D. of shipmates.
  5/21/01 - 1/10/03  What you see on the site is what was added, and no reason to document it here.
5/21/01 Site launched and commissioned