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Ship Pictures

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FoxFancyPlaque.jpg (22436 bytes)

1945 Configuration

wpe9.gif (536313 bytes) Foxways.jpg (71009 bytes) Fox1945Profile.jpg (34535 bytes) wpe5.jpg (65604 bytes)  

1. & 2."Going down the ways", Bath, Maine 3. c. 1945 as DD (note aft torpedo tubes), 4. Postcard from late forties.


Fox1945ColorPostCrd.jpg (37298 bytes) Fox40s.jpg (35809 bytes)  Fox1955W.jpg (22928 bytes) Fox1945Boston.jpg (31084 bytes) FoxHiLine1.jpg (101005 bytes) FoxCannes1952.jpg (54577 bytes) FoxTender_GolfJuan1950.jpg (45747 bytes) Fox50sB&W.jpg (100175 bytes) 

1. c. 1945-1946 as DDR (note aft mast),2. Photo derivation of #1, courtesy Louis Abreu  3. 1948 pic from late shipmate Cecil Htuchinson QMSN 47-49 4.1952 as DDR, photo courtesy Gene Reviea 1949 - 1952, 5. c. 1945, 5. Fox Hi-Line c. 1953 courtesy Mort Hartman GM3, 1950-1954 6. Same event as #5, High-line of Fox crewman needing appendix surgery being transferred to USS Currituck AV7 . Fox in Cannes, Fr c.1953, 67. Fox with destroyer tender USS Yosemite in Golf Juan, France 1950 8. '50s courtesy Louis Abreu

Myles-C.-Fox-1945W.jpg (86140 bytes) NtlmnFox1951Snapsht.jpg (56444 bytes) MylesCFox1955.jpg (46953 bytes) MylesCFox1955b.jpg (72051 bytes) FoxVenice1952.jpg (75603 bytes)

1. Annapolis, Md, by professional photographer, Edward L. Bafford, PSA, FRPS, taken June 4, 1953, courtesy his son, Don Bafford.  Fox picked up Midshipmen to take to S. America for training. 2. c. 1953 Fox photo courtesy of Don Nettleman 3. circa 1955 photo courtesy of Bob Zygiel 1955 - 1957 4. Same as 4, with USS Hyman DD-732 5. Fox in Venice c. 1951, courtesy Pete Johnson, QM3

Fox59MtsW.jpg (9597 bytes) FoxBarcelona1959W.jpg (33516 bytes) FoxSoudaBayCrete1959.jpg (341430 bytes) Fox59AerialView.jpg (34596 bytes) Fox1959.jpg (26624 bytes) Fox&CLG_DeMoines1959W.jpg (39179 bytes) wpe2.gif (324116 bytes)

Above: 1. Med 59-60, 2. Barcelona '59, 3. Alongside Destroyer Tender USS Sierra AD18, Fiske DD842, Lowry DD770 & Gearing DD710 in Souda Bay, Crete '59, 4. ? 5. ? , all courtesy Ralph LePera. 6.With Cruiser DesMoines, who had President Eisenhower aboard in the Med. 7. c. 1959-63 shows aft torpedo tubes, no 3"-50 cal guns.

Fox in 1955 refueling with USS Nantahala AO-60    

FoxLongestDay_a.jpg (187876 bytes) FoxLongestDay_b.jpg (145575 bytes) Two photos pulled from the 1962 movie "The Longest Day" where the Fox was used to help show shore bombardment of Normandy in WWII.  Filming of the Fox was done in the Med in 1960.

FoxNaples_Shenandoah.jpg (18676 bytes)   ZielinskiFoxPreFramPic.jpg (36042 bytes) Fox in Naples, Italy prior to 1963.  Anybody know when?  Parked next to Shenandoah AD-26, unknown DD, Kenneth D. Bailey DD-713 & James C Owens DD-776, 2. Copy of c.1964 official photo from Ken Zielinski.

Fox1953FullPowerRun.jpg (47202 bytes) Looks like a Full Power Run, 1953 or so.  Great photo of the Fox at sea.  From Mort Hartman GM3 Collection, which can be seen by clicking here.

Mort Hartman GM3 1950 - 1954 lent me a 20" X 16" photo of the Fox in the Med that I scanned and gave it some Photoshop magic work to put on the web. Great photo of the Fox in her prime as a DDR.

DD829_squall.jpg (69782 bytes) With a little help from Photoshop, this rendering is the Fox from its pre-FRAM days.

Fox1953iwTug.jpg (43804 bytes)  A pretty nice photo of the Fox from Mort Hartman's collection.  From early 50's.  Original digital copy is excellent, and duplicates nicely for shipmates for a nominal fee.

Fox1953Sunset.jpg (52494 bytes)  I couldn't leave well enough alone with the photo above; practicing with my Photoshop manipulation skills and took the Fox and joined her with a genuine S. Florida Sunset as a backdrop.  I like the results.  What do YOU think?  This copy is also available in hi-res edition.

Fox1946.jpg (58624 bytes) Fox with USS George E. Davis DE-357 and USS Cecil J. Doyle DE-368, circa late '50's

FoxStern.jpg (88402 bytes)  What's wrong with this picture? Fox c. 1950, as has both sets of depth charge racks.  Notice how well the uniform of the day is maintained.....wool caps, ball caps, white hats, foul weather hat, and no hat.  You older guys sure were more 'squared away'........we don't even want to mention how messed up the hull looks.....

wpe23.gif (109310 bytes)  wpe1D.gif (106901 bytes)   wpe26.gif (112502 bytes) Eastern Mediterranean on May 23rd, 1958 showing the USS Chukawan AO-100 and the USS Myles C. Fox.  Photos courtesy Jerry C. Church AMS-2 USS SARATOGA 1956-1959 V-6 Division

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