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U.S. Navy Food

All of the information on this page is from:

"THE COOK BOOK of the United States Navy"
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts

NAVSANDA Publication No. 7 [Revised 1944]

United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1944

I've got the whole book!!  Looking for recipes?   Just ask me.)

BeansBoston.jpg (38155 bytes) BeansNY.jpg (69087 bytes) Cornbread.jpg (39871 bytes)

Baked beans, cornbread; 'nuff said.

wpe9.gif (131898 bytes)

We had so much of this at mid-rats in 1969 Mid-East Cruise, I still can't eat the stuff....

wpe7.jpg (27851 bytes)

Does anybody remember eating the Peanut butter with horseradish mixed in?

wpeA.gif (192742 bytes)

Nobody asked for this, but we got it anyway: "SOS", Creamed Sliced Dried Beef.  I liked it....


Does any of this food sound familiar to you?

wpe5.gif (430762 bytes)

Sample Menu for Spring

wpeD.gif (434941 bytes)

Sample Menu for Summer

wpe8.gif (467916 bytes)

Sample Menu for Fall

wpeB.gif (468134 bytes)

Sample Menu for Winter