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FUN "at sea" photos


USS Fiske DD-842 in somewhat heavy seas...

Found this and added text for clarification; don't know which destroyer; doesn't matter.


DD-Heavy-Seas-a.jpg (174485 bytes) DD-Heavy-Seas-b.jpg (175141 bytes) DD-Heavy-Seas-c.jpg (155430 bytes)  Hope you haven't had breakfast yet!!  Unknown DD in somewhat choppy seas.  From Rod Cordell, FT2 1961 - 1963

gearing_aerial.jpg (200067 bytes) Nice overhead photo of a Gearing Class DD circa 1945. Lots of deck guns. This is reportedly the USS Charles P Cecil DD-835

DD alongside unknown ship, in heavy seas.  "Cans' really creak when this happens, 'cause it tends to bend.

Zellars.jpg (70078 bytes) USS Zellars DD-777 

WaldronDD699.jpg (114861 bytes) USS Waldron DD-699, 1953

wpe5.gif (161843 bytes)  USS Orleck DD-886, a Gearing class tin can that is now a museum ship.  Great picture of bow coming out of water in heavy seas.  Just 'try' to explain how this feels to your wife; you can't.

DD688_Refueling.jpg (24359 bytes) Refueling is fun in heavy seas.... USS Remey DD-688...men on forward refueling station are not seen well (or feeling well, or dry) in this photo.

Stenibelldd644.jpg (43081 bytes) It's such a pain getting fresh movies from the carrier, but worth it.  USS Stembel DD-644

dd727_dehaven_korea.jpg (22512 bytes) USS De Haven refueling from a carrier just seconds prior to submerging to test depth.....  Do guys on carriers get their kicks from refueling DD's?  Are destroyermen the brunt of a cruel, sick joke by naval architects?  I suspect a conspiracy here....

Destroyer_Heavy_Sea_a.jpg (19971 bytes) Don't these kinds of photos make you yearn for the high seas? Unknown Gearing Class DD

de104_breeman.jpg (15755 bytes) Breeman DE-104 in medium seas, ready to go back down.

laffeyrefueling.jpg (37440 bytes) Laffey DD-724; this is what refueling is SUPPOSED to look like.....calm seas.

PearlDrydock.jpg (78004 bytes) Downes DD-372 & Cassin DD-375: December 7, 1941. Both ships were put back in shape and served in WWII with distinction.  Is a grim reminder of why the DD829 and the other 99 Gearings were built.

wpe5.jpg (39658 bytes) Top photo is Hazelwood DD531, 4/29/45 after Kamikaze attack.  Bottom is unknown DD coming to aid of almost destroyed carrier, Bunker Hill, 5/11/45.  Hazelwood went on to be early test ship for Gearing FRAM program of the 1950's.

CFRibbons.jpg (84893 bytes) A funny set of military ribbons that never were, but shouda'.

Jane & ??  Time out!! You've all heard the stories of Jane Fonda in N. Viet Nam in1973, but here's the rest of the story.....were the Clinton's really there, too?  You make the call....