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Fox Memorabilia

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USNAVALNY.jpg (11976 bytes)  ERW-CRUSDES-ATL-FT-PATCH.jpg (48223 bytes) wpe1.jpg (18371 bytes)   wpe1.jpg (11366 bytes)

wpe5.jpg (14082 bytes) wpe7.jpg (9973 bytes) USSMCFOX829BETATHREE.jpg (8942 bytes) USSMCFOX_BUCKLE.jpg (13390 bytes)  

Lighters, patches,  belt buckle from Ray Whitley '70-'73; Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club from Jeff Simonet '66-67.

WashBday1945.jpg (32547 bytes) WashBday1945a.jpg (29175 bytes)

Bath, Maine, 2/22/45 party prior to Fox commissioning. Courtesy of Jack O'Reilly PHM2

Oreilly1945dragon.jpg (43996 bytes) PhMsign.jpg (12123 bytes)

Jack O'Reilly's Order of the Golden Dragon and Sick Bay Sign from Fox.

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