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1. At Sea  2. At Sea  3. Venice  4. Malta 1966 from Bill McNeill  5. Azores 1967 on way back from Viet Nam, from Carl Cutright, FN.  6. Azores 1965 7. Fox and Norris DD-859 Courtesy shipmate Mike Steck.

wpe4.gif (144455 bytes) wpe5.jpg (20705 bytes) Photo Courtesy Richard Leonhardt MCFox60s_a.jpg (94826 bytes) MCFox1960's.jpg (63496 bytes) Fox1966W.jpg (103565 bytes)

1. c. 1965 (post-FRAM) Courtesy US Naval Institute,  2. Photo courtesy Mike Vano  3.&4. Courtesy Richard Leonhardt  5. Departing Newport 6. Newport 1966

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Fox1964aW.jpg (81522 bytes) wpe10.jpg (22040 bytes) FoxPakistan1969.jpg (45222 bytes) ASROCfiring1970.jpg (46301 bytes) S. Atlantic Unitas Cruise NYC_1971.jpg (36004 bytes) PickerelUNITAS.jpg (218933 bytes)

  1. Post FRAM I  2. c 1969 Starboard Side from aft lookout station  3. 1969 Karachi, Pakistan (courtesy P. Wieloszynski)  4. & 5. 1970 UNITAS Cruise  6. Fox in New York City, 1971;  Ship on other side of pier is USS Newport News CA-148; you can see the tops of the masts  7. Color photo and slightly different view in NYC  8. Fox at ammo pier in Earl, NJ 1971  9. Fox alongside Basilone DD-824 in Newport 1971  10. Found on a USS Pickerel SS-524 shipmate site; is one of the few pics with ALL four Navy ships during the 1970 UNITAS XI cruise.  This photo was reportedly taken in Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil.

FoxSubic_1.1.jpg (79225 bytes) FoxSubic.1.jpg (33593 bytes) FoxSubic_2.1.jpg (63557 bytes) FoxSubic_3.1.jpg (59436 bytes) FoxSubic_4.1.jpg (47249 bytes)

Fox arriving Subic Bay, Phillipines, June '72 from Viet Nam Gun Line, Burned paint on mounts after work in Viet Nam. Photos Courtesy Dave Duhancik MM3, '72 - '73, who met the ship in Subic.

 FoxBrooklyn.jpg (77463 bytes)

Fox in reserve duty, Brooklyn, NY c. 1973; undated new photo sent by non-shipmate who lives in Brooklyn and ran across this snapshot in a shoebox.

FoxViewInBrooklyn.jpg (26423 bytes)

This is a composite picture of Southern Manhattan, view from Fox in Brooklyn late 1970's by Brian Ice OS3.


Sold to the Greek Government in 1979; photos of another Gearing that was in the Hellenic Navy are below. There is some dispute about whether this ship is the Fox, as the official Hellenic Navy says it is, but since it was scrapped in 2003, there is no way to confirm the data.

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D217 Kriezis, Hellenic Navy


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