Fox Memorabilia

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This was the " Welcome Aboard" memo issued to all recruits at Camp Barry in Great Lakes, IL. Document revision is dated 1961, but was used at least through August 1968 when webmaster received it as a fresh 'boot'.  Note the "Eleven General Orders of a Sentry" and 0530 reveille.

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A brochure handout for visitors to ship from 1969 or so.  Courtesy of James Taylor SH2

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Geneva Convention, Liberty Card, Mail Orderly, 5" 38 cal powder, all courtesy Aries 'Kos' Kosmetatoes, MM3, '69 -'73

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Paul Wieloszynski's "achievement" cards; Fox matchbook.  (Anyone know what years these matchbooks were available?); Reef Points book and "Destroyerman" Definition from that book, from shipmate Ron Hale BMC, from his Dad's collection, who served on the USS Fred T. Berry  DD-858 in 1959-60


Flyers, Cards and Letter from C.O of Neuman K Perry courtesy of Patrick Knowlton, SA 1971 - 1972.  The receipt for the custom made suit turned out to be tailored too small for Patrick, and he couldn't wear it.  All are from the Fox's Viet Nam/World Cruise in 1972

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Great two page article about the Fox from a 1975 Army publication, courtesy of shipmate Gerry Schmit FT2 58-59.

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OS3 Brian Ice's Plankowner Certificate for the Decommissioning of the DD-829.