Aries "Kos" Kosmetatos

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1972 World Cruise Shellback Initiation

wpe1.jpg (26101 bytes)  Chip Kronoff, Queen of the Court

wpe1F.jpg (15519 bytes)  LTCDR Kozlowski, XO, officiating

wpe23.jpg (18723 bytes) King and Court

wpe1D.jpg (12722 bytes)  "Jolly Roger" flag raised for the day

wpe2A.jpg (18190 bytes)  Polliwog 'Masters'

wpe1B.jpg (17108 bytes) Sunrise Polliwog Washdown on forecastle

wpe2C.jpg (20780 bytes)  Getting ready to 'sing to the dolphins' through the bullnose.

wpe32.jpg (20670 bytes)  They think the worst is over....

wpe2E.jpg (22673 bytes)  Stirton said he 'always' showered this way...

wpe7.jpg (25855 bytes) Ens Catarella 

wpe11.jpg (16656 bytes)   Bevere Wog Crawling

wpe13.jpg (21411 bytes) Cleaning 'em up...

wpe19.jpg (22688 bytes)  E-6 don't mean 'nothin today

wpe21.jpg (33025 bytes)  LT Smith, Ens Catarella, awaiting judgement

wpe34.jpg (20451 bytes)  They seem tame. They must be checking for flaws in the deck gray paint.

wpe3.jpg (19630 bytes)  Beard 'trimming'

wpe15.jpg (18053 bytes)  Williams wants just a little off the sides...

wpe30.jpg (23307 bytes)  He said they cut it better in boot camp...

wpeB.jpg (20309 bytes)  John Cavallaro 'looks' happy...

wpe9.jpg (10788 bytes)  John Cavallaro looking for raisin

wpe27.jpg (13734 bytes) Another 'raisin in the navel' search

wpe5.jpg (14495 bytes) Kissing Queen's appendage

wpeF.jpg (20139 bytes)  Bowing to King Neptune

wpeD.jpg (30571 bytes) Chute of Fame

wpe17.jpg (32600 bytes)  Fournier in chute

Christmas in Newport

Xmas Newport 1.jpg (62978 bytes)  Xmas Newport 2.jpg (55045 bytes) wpe25.jpg (13059 bytes)