Paul Wieloszynski's Photos  

1969 - 1972

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ChipMike.jpg (26387 bytes) FramOneCan.jpg (38082 bytes) VerversHarper1969.jpg (56777 bytes)

Chip Kronoff & Mike Buckley in Caracas Venezuela, FRAM I tin can by Mike Buckley STG3,  Lester Ververs, Bill Harper 1969 Helm and Lee Helm

 LightLine1969.jpg (119392 bytes)

Light-line procedure with Ethiopian gunboat, Mid-East cruise, 1969.  BM1 Ryan, top, need help with rest of men.

WTC1w.jpg (16048 bytes)

World Trade Center, NYC, from Fox entering Hudson River, July 1971.  Note cranes on roof, still under construction.

PortLouis-copy.jpg (28804 bytes)

DD-829 in Port Louis, Mauritius 1972 (Indian Ocean)

wpe1.jpg (31003 bytes)

Mike O'Connor, Dudley Stevens, Chip Kronoff, Frank Forgacs, torpedo deck, c.1972

Paul Wieloszynski & Bill Hosking of Hicksville, NY, 1st Division, 1969, Mid East Cruise

Me and William Hosking of Hicksville, NY in 1st Div Berthing, 1969 Mid East Cruise.  Anybody know where Bill is?

wpe1D.jpg (23411 bytes) wpe7.jpg (23290 bytes) PEW_GTMO_W.jpg (34282 bytes)

Tom Schmitz GMASN , first liberty San Juan, Puerto Rico 1970,  Gary Schakelman STG3, off E. Coast of Florida with SSBN Casimar Pulaski 1970,  Anchored out in GTMO, and: How many people take pictures of GTMO?  (Camera on self-timer, sitting on Compressed air station for torpedo tubes.)

 KronoffHairW.jpg (30478 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (23907 bytes) wpe4.jpg (24981 bytes)

Chip Kronoff STG3, "Zumwalt Hair"1971,  LTjg B.A. Smith, B.G. (Andy) Anderson STG2, GTMO 1970,  Bruce Vandenburg, STG3, Chile, 1970

wpe22.jpg (17688 bytes) wpe1D.jpg (13349 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (21280 bytes)

Hong Kong 'contract' painter 1972, Plane guard duty for Coral Sea, Tonkin Gulf, Viet Nam 1972, Panama Canal 1972 --STC Frank Keller in foreground right, with Fox cap.

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wpe3.jpg (15876 bytes) AfterLookoutPW.jpg (15962 bytes) PEW1970.jpg (84762 bytes)  

ASROC control station, '70, berthing, berthing, Chilean Waterway w/DDG Yarnell in background after going through Straits of Magellan, Sonar 'Stack', Fathometer watch in Straights of in beer mug, of course, After Lookout watch 1969, 3rd Div berthing 1970

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