Ray Whitley's Photos

Trb2.jpg (72953 bytes)   USN PONCHO VILO.jpg (69541 bytes) MCFOX_COOKOUT01.jpg (48316 bytes) MCFOX_COOKOUT02.jpg (52307 bytes)

Ray Whitley (r) 2002, anyone remember this hombre's name?, Cookout on the DASH deck, ditto.

USN R WHITLEY ENGINE RM.jpg (74716 bytes) Evaporator (for Ops and Weapons guys, that's the thing that made fresh water) and Ray Whitley '71-'73. Note polyester shirt that Navy used only for a short term and then went back to chambray shirt.

USN NEWPORT PIER.jpg (68765 bytes) View from fantail in Newport look familiar? (Ray Whitley photo)

MCFOX_COOKOUT03.jpg (46611 bytes) MCFOX_D-Heemsberger.jpg (35376 bytes) MCFOX_G-PERKINS.jpg (35925 bytes) MCFOX_PERE.jpg (39062 bytes) WSMALL.jpg (25100 bytes)

'nuther cookout, Heemesburger, Perkins, Bill Pere, W. Small

 MCFOX_SERFASS.jpg (53786 bytes) MCFOXCREW006.jpg (31280 bytes) MCFOX_D-MYERS.jpg (31027 bytes) MCFOX_CAGLE_KELLY.jpg (35677 bytes) MCFOX_T-J-MEXICO.jpg (36816 bytes) MCFOX_P-FERLISE.jpg (26486 bytes)

Jeffrey Serfass MM2, ??, Myers, Cagle, MCMM Kelly, three Snipes in Tijiuana, Mexico, Ferlise.

M-C-Fox-Crew-R-Trenbeath.jpg (14312 bytes) M-C-Fox-People-Bahrain-002.jpg (15462 bytes) M-C-Fox-People-Bahrain-003.jpg (27911 bytes)  M-C-Fox-Places-Africa-002.jpg (21317 bytes) M-C-Fox-Operations-Helo-001.jpg (21597 bytes) 

Richard Trenbeath, A youthful Osama Bin Laden, Laden's boat, Africa, Helo Viet Nam '72

wpe11.jpg (38490 bytes) L/R R Townsend R Trenbeath J Cavallaro, J Bottoms, R Reese, A Patrick

wpe3.jpg (30367 bytes) R Stirton, F Patton, T Kettinger, L Bevere, W Pere, D Myers, D Heemsberger,
W Duschak

wpe6.jpg (39422 bytes) C Rittenhouse A Patrick R Stirton

wpe9.jpg (45828 bytes) J Cavallaro M Badger

wpeB.jpg (19960 bytes) C Hanff, G Nault J Cavallaro A Kosmetatos D Larocca

wpeD.jpg (49050 bytes) G Perkins

wpeF.jpg (24451 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (43574 bytes) wpe3.jpg (28661 bytes)  

Subic Bay, Phillipines?, Unrep, Tonkin Gulf 1972, Charles P. Cecil DD-835



wpe5.jpg (34906 bytes) wpe7.jpg (26851 bytes) wpeA.jpg (26473 bytes) wpeC.jpg (19872 bytes) wpeE.jpg (48529 bytes)

Ray Whitley, C. Rittenhouse/ Ray, Ray, Larry Runion, W. Small/  L. Bevere, W. Pere, T. Bria

wpe10.jpg (39928 bytes) D. Heemsberger, T. Kettinger, L. Bevere, W. Pere/

wpe12.jpg (26317 bytes) A. Patrick, J. Bottoms, T. Bria

wpe14.jpg (21748 bytes) 1972: Blue Atlantis Band, Mauritius Is: R. Whitely, W. Kies, Kozlowski, S. Cappellini, W. Strickland, L. Runion

wpe16.jpg (31786 bytes) Blue Atlantis Band, Mauritius Island

wpe18.jpg (32144 bytes) Blue Atlantis Band, DASH Deck, Practice.

wpe1.jpg (28857 bytes)  Manama, Bahrain net repair, 1972