Major Waterways Navigated

(You're gonna have to look some of these up...)

Panama Canal (5 trips) Suez Canal
Adriatic Sea Ionian Sea
Aegean Sea Sea of Crete
Tyrrhenian Sea Straights of Malacca
Straights of Gibraltar Straights of Hormuz
North China Sea East China Sea
Gulf of Tonkin Philippine Sea
Persian Gulf Arabian Sea
North Sea Celtic Sea
English Channel Gulf of Oman
Gulf of Aden Gulf of Mannar
Bay of Bengal Gulf of Guinea
St. Lawrence Seaway Mozambique Channel
Narragansett Bay Cape Cod Canal
Long Island Sound Hudson River

Straights of Magellan

Bermuda Triangle (never 'lost')
Golfo de Panama Golfo San Jorge
Mississippi River Breton Sound
Guantanamo Bay Chilean Inland Waterway
Yangtze River, China Gulf of Mexico
Lake Okeechobee (unconfirmed)