Larry Smith


1965 - 1966


Larry Smith

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Max Travis & friends

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Anthony Prisco

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Mail Call, Santo Domingo

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ASROC Launch

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Atlantic Sunset

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Croyal, Smith& Franklin: Berry, Italy

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Boston, Mass.

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Cuban Refugees

 wpe1B.jpg (8315 bytes) Dale Croyal wpe17.jpg (10031 bytes)  Drury, QM1

wpe1D.jpg (20724 bytes) Can being FRAM-ed wpe22.jpg (12990 bytes) Fox prior to FRAM

wpe28.jpg (16641 bytes) Frank Kirk, BM wpe2E.jpg (12373 bytes) Jimmy Lovins

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GC Waters, D. Croyal, B. Franklin, Marty


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Kingston, Jamaica

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Kingston.  Notice "blast shield" for Mount Director

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Marty, Smith, Croyal.  Haircut in progress.

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MS Palma.  Fox Crew fought fire to save ship.

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Newman K. Perry (DD883) bow damage; collision with carrier in Med.  One dead, one injured.

wpe40.jpg (17219 bytes) Signal bridge fun. Max Travis

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Previous (4) photos of Larry Smith

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