Patrick Knowlton


1971 - 1972

1. Looking aft at sea  2. George Benefield   3. Bill Harper, Sea Detail  4. In port, somewhere  5. Steve Wohlers 1st Div., Ray Carloni 1st Div., Bob Towne 1st Div., R. 'Pooch' Pacini 2nd Div. 6. Michael Mougin, 1st div berthing

1. Mr. D. Rahn 1st Div Officer  2. Plane Guard behind Coral Sea, Tonkin Gulf  3. W. Smyth, SN,  4. UnRep and personnel transfer in Bos'n Chair, Tonkin Gulf  5. Bill Harper, Bob Townes, Steve Wohlers, 1st Div aft of MT51

1. Bill Harper SN, 1st Div Berthing 2. Carlos Trulock on foc'sle 3. Mike Bracciale SN 1st Div, 4. Ron Ondusky, Bill Harper, James Breen, Mike Mougin on Sea Detail 5. Patrick Knowlton, Tonkin Gulf Gun Line 1972, 6. Certificate of Appreciation sign by C.O. Gadbaw