Ken Zielinski

FTG3 1964 - 1966

FoxbridgeVw1966.jpg (63087 bytes) From Signal bridge, c. 1966; the 5" practice loader on torpedo deck is shown, but was removed before 1969.

ZielinskiGemini8W.jpg (34306 bytes) Unique photo of the Gemini 8 recovery crane and mock space orbiter module.

ZielinskiFoxSnow.jpg (124006 bytes) Ice after a Winter crossing on the Atlantic, moored in Boston.  Mate on right is McGowan?  Who are other two? 

Zielinski1965FTgang.jpg (27994 bytes) Bottom row left to right:  Gary Barto, Paul Tingle, Cliff Branstrom, Andrew Vanlaken, Tony Plaza, Ken Zielinski.  Top row left to right:  Lyle Brockman, Paul Wiberg, Richard Loss, James Harney

MK37Director.jpg (25114 bytes) MK37 Gun Director w/antenna for MK25 Fire Control Radar made by Western Electric

ASROC launcher 1966.  Note lack of little windows on exit doors seen on later pictures.