Thomas C Trafzer, Ens., USN

1949 - 1950

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1. December 1949 of the wardroom officers under C.O., CDR Babb.  Front row L to R: Ens T.Trafzer,  Ltjg J. Jameson, Lcdr Wallace (XO), C.O. Babb, Lt J. Marsh, Ens N.Dietrich.  Back: L to R: Unknown, Ltjg R. Bradshaw, Ens J. Bruner (supply) Ltjg C. Gabrielson, Lt G. Miller  (missing Lt LeFavor, engineering)  

2. Fantail of the Fox for an at-sea Memorial Day observance for the 6th? Fleet. Fox was some distance off Sardinia. At the microphone is the Captain, CDR McLaughlan addressing the crew assembled in dress whites on the 31st of May 1950. Officer facing the camera, Asst Gunnery Officer and First Lieutenant, is Ens. Trafzer in charge of the saluting rifle squad, composed of gunner's mates chosen from the crew: Henry Rowland to his immediate left and L. Smallwood third man from his left.  Need help identifying others.

3. Wardroom officers taken on bow of Fox in May 1950, Front, L to R: Ltjg J. Jameson, Ltcdr Wallace, Cdr McLaughlin, Lt F. Lefavor, Ens T. Trafzer, Rear, L to R:  Ens N. Dietrich, Ltjg R. Bradshaw, Ltjg C. Gabrielson, Ens J. Bruner, Ltjg J. Doheny, Lt G. Miller.