Jesse D Hornsby


1945 - 1946

3rdfleet.jpg (49008 bytes) Tokio Harbor, 1945, Mt Fujiami in background.

libertycard.jpg (24709 bytes) skschoolcertificate.jpg (36041 bytes)

Liberty Card from Boston and Storekeeper "A" School certificate, 1945

HornsbyJD_SKschl1945.jpg (72431 bytes) Storekeeper school in January of 1945.  Jesse was drafted into the Navy at 37 years old to serve in WWII.

HornsbyGdnDrgn.jpg (20914 bytes) HawaiinDollar01.jpg (28920 bytes) HawaiinDollar02.jpg (22304 bytes) 

International Dateline card and US (Hawaiian) Dollar from 1945. Jesse carried the dollar bill in his wallet for fifty six years.