Mid-Year Reunion


For those of you who noticed, we had a mini-reunion in Lakeland, Florida on January 21 - 22, 2002 that coincided with the Tin Can Sailors "Bull Session" the following day.

Fox appeared to have the highest turnout for one ship out of about 250 attendees.  Ed (Mort) Hartman (1950 - 1954) brought his really perfect 3 foot long scale model of the Fox as well as the Powers for all to drool over.

R2002group.jpg (39034 bytes) Jim Shook, P. Wieloszynski, John Cavallaro, Ed Hartman, Jack Stimis, Mike Mattheus

MattheusStimis.jpg (20683 bytes) Mike Mattheus RM3, Jack Stimis LTjg

TerriJohnCavallaro.jpg (23117 bytes) Terri & John Cavallaro EN2

JimShook.jpg (23052 bytes) Jim Shook BT3

EdHartman.jpg (73705 bytes) Ed Hartman GM3

FoxModel.jpg (22288 bytes) Hartman's hand-made model of DDR-829

FoxModel_a.jpg (25126 bytes) Different view of above.  Nice work!!

HartmanModel.jpg (30616 bytes) Ed showing his workmanship.