Phillip Michael Esposito


1972 - 1973

1. & 2. Phip Esposito BT3 in Hong Kong, 3. Newport Beach? 4. Danny Larocca FN, Aries 'Kos' Kosmetatos EM3, Ron Reese EN3 & Phil Esposito 5. Paul Ferlise DC3?  6. Seated: Phil Esposito(D) & Aldo Decollibus MM3, Standing: Charles Hanff IC3, George Patinaude EMFA, David Keith(D) MM2, R. Trenbeath EM3

1. Aldo Decollibus, 2. J. Larkin? BT3, 3. J Moszee MMFN and L. Baruzzi BT3? 4. D. Hughes SHSN, R Freeman BT2, G Nault BT3  5 Henry Kurtenbach(D) EM3   6. LT Peter R. Smith, Weapons Boss,  LTCDR Stanley Kozlowski, XO 7. D. Hughes SHSN,  8. A. Patrick 9. Snipe sewing his shirt. 10. A. P. Hill BT3

Hong Kong 1972

1. Hong Kong? 2. Post-refuel from USS Caliente AO-53, two mates taking a break in Tonkin Gulf  3. LSD in Tonkin Gulf  4.Two Destroyers in a hurry: Tonkin Gulf  5. Fox and Cecil (DD835) on far right in Hong Kong Harbor after tour in Viet Nam. 6. M. Badger MM3, G. Yasurek MM2, R. Hill? MM3, WHO?? on liberty, Hong Kong. 7. Cab Driver, Hong Kong. 8. Newman K Perry (DD-883) was host ship for dependents awaiting Fox's return from 'round the World Cruise, August 1972. Note 'meatball' pennant on forward mast.