Harold Henry Alexander GM2

1945 - 1946

(Deceased, now sailing calmer waters)

40s_Div_Pic.jpg (32554 bytes)  40sMates.jpg (35730 bytes)  FoxBball.jpg (28803 bytes) Who are these men?  Fox had B-ball champs many times!

JohnyAndFriend1945.jpg (34331 bytes) Johnny ?? and Ken Wingard

FoxBigFish.jpg (49251 bytes) Raymond Shoptaw F2c; a real destroyerman, don't you think?

 BB.jpg (14699 bytes) Battleship USS New Jersey, etc. Tokyo Harbor  Fox1945Japan-copy_a.jpg (31435 bytes) Fox Somewhere, photo is heavily retouched from slide.

Fox1945JapanOccA.jpg (93843 bytes) Fox1945JapanOccB.jpg (59659 bytes) Radio Message detailing which ships in Tokyo Harbor 1945

Fox1945Map.jpg (35392 bytes) World Map aboard Fox During/after WWII (Who did the Fox artwork?)

Fox1945Profile.jpg (58642 bytes) Another rendition of this early photo of the Fox  

FoxRetrieval1945.jpg (26202 bytes) Recovering pilots who ejected from plane from either carrier Antietem

Fox20mm1945.jpg (38493 bytes) FoxRefuel40sPortSide.jpg (63755 bytes) FoxStorm1945.jpg (37273 bytes) FoxTorpedoDeck1945.jpg (57686 bytes) 20mm guns, UNREP, storm (duh!), torpedo deck

PortAftGuns.jpg (34001 bytes) WWIIDamage.jpg (43193 bytes) headphones.jpg (29161 bytes) FoxCaptsInsp1945.jpg (37317 bytes)

Blowing up mines, WWII damage somewhere, Sea Detail, C.O. CDR John Fahy inspects (who are the men?)